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Linzi Stoppard Violin – Ignite The FUSE



Linzi Stoppard Violin - Ignite The FUSE IGNITE THE FUSE is simply a benchmark for violin acts. Created by the head of Harry Potter’s special effects team, this video is as beautiful to look at as it is to listen to. The Fuse violin duo have always been known for pushing the boundaries, not happy to be another tired cross-over cliche Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee are always looking for news sounds to reinvent their beloved instrument.
Famed for their rock anthems album released by edel/Universal, this track however is a slight departure, still with a catchy melodic topline but experimenting with the dance genre, specifically influences from dubstep.
A crisp edgy production sets Fuse apart from anything previously heard from a violin group but with Linzi and Ben’s trademark arrangements, harmonies and utilising the full range of the violins versatility.
As a visual spectacle the video is stunning – Linzi looking as gorgeous as ever, Ben cooler than a penguin’s icebox, we see magical fairy dust bouncing from the strings as FUSE pizzicato the intro of the track and then with a dubstep break whooshes and bangs all the particles fall to the ground. We are now into the track. It is punchy and driven, uptempo and keeps it pace throughout. The special effects equally compliment the feel of the track with half green screen Harry Potteresque aerial effects mixed with monochrome close-up shots of the band.
Violins are meant to be for Vivaldi but Fuse have torn up the rule book. Labelled as the most innovative string act for over a generation, Linzi and Ben have raised the bar yet again. FUSE contemporary ideas and step away from the norm are beyond reproach…this is the most talked-about and acclaimed string act in recent times.


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