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Martone Talks Grammys And Upcoming Album In New Interview



Martone Talks Grammys And Upcoming Album In New Interview

Don’t miss the first interview of 2017! In a new conversation with Martone, he revealed some surprising details about attending the Grammy Awards ceremony which will be held on February 12th. In addition, he shared information about his upcoming album ‘Erogenous Zone’ and also he talks about the performance experience. I think Martone gave a really interesting interview by expressing his sincere ideas about the past, present, and future of his artistic career.

1 – Did you achieve your goal of becoming a member of the Grammys? Is the selection process difficult?

I did achieve my goal with becoming a member of the academy. At the time, I was so excited and I was just over the moon. God really opened up some really big doors for me in 2016 all I had to do was trust him and I thank him every day for that. The selection process was not difficult at all. There were certain criteria that you have to meet as a professional in music prior to becoming a member.

2 – Who will be going with you to the Grammys this year and are you nervous, excited or just taking it all in stride?

I am taking my husband, we are both tremendously excited to have the opportunity to meet people that we have long admired in the business.

3 – Who do you think should win a Grammy this year? What are your favorite categories?

There are several people that I think should win. I am rooting for White Sun, for best New Age Album, Secret Agent Skidoo for Infinity Plus One, Ted Nash for Presidential Suite: Eight Variations of Freedom, plus a few more that I have my eye on. My favorite categories are the Remix Category, Music Video and Dance Electronic Album of the Year.

4 – In the hypothetical case that you win a Grammy, what difference can it bring to your life?

Man, you really do ask some great questions. I assume that my world would open up just a little bit wider. Not to mention that respect that you would receive from your peers and fans of dance music. One day, I am sure that I will tell you exactly what happened. I am getting a glimpse of it by just being a member of the academy.

5 – Is this your ultimate Goal in life as an artist? Do you have different dreams in 2017?

To be honest with you, I had not thought about it much until the voting season had begun, and even then, it was not a major goal for me. My main goal in life is to help people through my music and I cannot ever loose sight of that and if I can then my ultimate goal would be achieved. Please, do not get me wrong it would have been nice to have been nominated. But, I am extremely happy and proud for the ones that were especially for the ones that I know, they deserve it.

My goals for 2017 is seeking the right people to help bring God’s vision for my music alive and that we are all working together in harmony. Traveling the states and perhaps overseas promoting my music.

6 – Where did your last performance take place? Was it fun or not?

My last performance took place at The Curtain Club in Dallas, TX. There were some obstacles that I had to overcome. All in all, some members of the audience told me that they really enjoyed my set, and looked forward to hearing more from me. In the end, that was all that really mattered.

7 – Do you experience any nervousness prior to taking the stage?

Honestly, I do not. It’s funny because my cousin Michael who also happens to be one of my producers asked me this same question and I gave the same answer. He basically said, What’s wrong with you. Funny huh? As I laugh about it now, I have always been pretty fearless when it comes to those types of things.

8 – When you are writing new songs, are you thinking about how they are going to fare as a live performance?

A great deal of my music are performance songs. I love to dance and feel the music. I know it when I am singing it during recording and then when I listen back to the final product I see the whole performance in my mind’s eye.

9 – As an artist, do you have a pre-performance ritual or habit before going on the stage?

Meditation and prayer are things that I tend to do consistently. A lot of times, I will go out into the audience and watch other artists before I go on.

10 – How far along are you in the completion of the new album and when is the release date?

I have recorded about five songs for the album ‘Erogenous Zone’. I will be recording at least eight more. I should be wrapping up the project in Mid-March with a release date of April 28, 2017.

11 – How many tracks have you produced for Erogenous Zone? What is the most uplifting song?

There will be a total of 15 songs on the album with interludes and songs. The most lyrical uplifting song on the album, for now, would have to be “Rippin’ the Runway” because it speaks about confidence and making your dreams coming true. The most uplifting dance song is “Dance the Night With Me”, written by my husband and myself.

12 – How would you describe the sound of ‘Erogenous Zone’? Can we expect any collaborations with other artists?

I would describe the albums sound as 70s Disco and 90s House music with an updated feel. I found myself listening to lots of artists such as Chic, Michael Jackson from the late 1970s, a group by the name of Urbanized from the 1990s. As far as collaborations go, I do not have any plans to but I am open to it, if not, perhaps on some remixes. As for producers, I am working with my cousin Michael E. Williams, II and Marvin “DJ Extreme Detroit” Hairston and perhaps one other. All in all, ‘Erogenous Zone’ is already a hot album.



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