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‘MGM Grand Detroit’ An Elevated Musical Response



mgm grand detroit
shares with us his 17-track album ‘MGM Grand Detroit 10’. To the surprise of many, this is a very personal and intimate artistic project. There are so many good songs on this fresh material, which are nothing else than a reflection of the Michigan-based artist’s life. Beyond this, the whole concept is truly an elevated musical response, even more so, when this talented man has survived 8 shots and overcame difficult incidents related to drugs and suicide.

As time went on, this rapper’s hopes rise like a phoenix from the ashes. In my opinion, the strongest track off the album is called “Blessings”. Despite all the turbulent life he experienced in the past, he was blessed in alliances with Sony and Universal Music Group, who trust in his brilliant skills. Moreover, I also like this song because it’s so damn catchy. “Blessings” deserve to be considered as his next single as it is an ass-shaking anthem. You’ll like it because lyrics touch on themes like personal growth, abundance, and prosperity. People can easily identify themselves with his story too. When all is said and done, successful people fail more and recover fast.

Stream in full the rest of these tunes in order to enjoy more head-bobbing jams. ?



By Erick Ycaza

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