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Micah McLaurin & Amber Riley’s Stunning “MacArthur Park” Cover



Donna Summer is still alive in this jaw-dropping “MacArthur Park” cover! Literally, Micah McLaurin and Amber Riley revamped such a memorable Disco classic, making it a masterpiece.

If you thought Donna Summer’s original vocals were out of this world, wait till you hear Riley’s take…

Amber Riley

Micah McLaurin’s Impressive Piano Skills

First off, in this new music video, Micah McLaurin is showing off his mad piano skills to the world. His fingers are dancing on those keys with impressive agility, and the melody perfectly blends with the orchestra of musicians.

As a side note, the performance you see in the visuals was held at British Grove and Abbey Road Studios in London. Certainly, the elegance and sophistication of this release are on a whole other level!

Clearly enough, this cover sounds different than his previous single, “Let’s Go To France.  which demonstrates that Micah McLaurin has this artistic versatility that’s captivating, no matter what musical direction he takes.

Micah McLaurin piano virtuoso

Amber Riley, A Vocal Goddess

Joining McLaurin on this magical “MacArthur Park” cover is none other than the splendid singer Amber Riley. Seriously, this woman’s got pipes that could shatter glass, but she also knows how to caress every note with a tenderness that’ll give you goosebumps.

Together, they’ve taken the essence of the original and infused it with their own unique brand of sorcery, creating a sonic experience that’s equal parts nostalgic and utterly fresh.

A Cover Destined for the Grammys

I know you’ve probably heard “MacArthur Park” a million times before, but trust me when I say you ain’t heard nothin’ yet. This sensational version by Micah McLaurin and Amber Riley is a must-listen for any self-respecting music aficionado.

To put it another way, I swear this tune smells like a Grammy to me.



By Erick Ycaza

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