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Micah McLaurin Takes You To France In His Latest YouTube Video



Pack Your Bags! Micah McLaurin‘s “Let’s Go To France” music video is a YouTube must-watch! Ready yourself for a sparkling visual treat.

Extravaganza and Glamour

Oh là là, this Electro-Pop jam sounds as good as his previous single, “Don’t Give Up On Love.” In particular, both productions maintain the extravaganza and glamour, but I think the artist also explores some new stuff.

In “Let’s Go To France,” there’s a more prominent use of synthesizers and drum machines. It’s catchy and, to be honest, feels like it’s made for belting out at a karaoke bar.

If I had to describe it in two words, I’d say it’s catchy and memorable. The chorus will hook anyone, and it’s hard to get it out of your head, in a good way…

Micah McLaurin YouTube

Enchanting Parisian Nightscape

I’m no fashion expert, but in this recent music video, you can tell Micah McLaurin introduces new costume concepts with a radical, androgynous, and disruptive style. So, it’s not just the electric melodies that bring the avant-garde vibes, but also the visuals in “Let’s Go To France,” directed by the one and only, Artem Denisov.

The chosen location and perfect timing for this video clip is obviously the city of Paris at night. I bet Micah McLaurin’s YouTube channel is gonna explode with new subscribers because there’s always something fun and creative in the themes he uses for his songs.

Let's Go To France YouTube music video
Furthermore, I bet after watching this video, you’ll want to book a flight to France. Maybe have a night adventure just like this talented 29-year-old artist from Charleston, South Carolina.

But wait, you need to peep this fire playlist curated by Electro Wow.

No more chit-chat, I invite you to keep your eyes peeled on his social media below, so you can discover other incredible songs like “Let’s Go To France.”



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