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Mike Shiver’s “Stay” on Enhanced Recordings



Mike Shiver's "Stay" on Enhanced Recordings
Kicking on after an impressive opener to his 2017 with the rolling House hit ‘Calling On You‘, Sweden‘s Mike Shiver supplies an enticing follow-up in ‘Stay‘. With productions that are renowned for atmospheric layering, ‘Stay‘ features Mike‘s stylish sounds whilst introducing warm, chopped up vocals & growling bass notes throughout. Towing the line between sing-along hit and rolling Future House anthem, Mike Shiver‘s smooth sound makes a welcome come back on Enhanced.

“After the success of my previous release ‘Calling On You‘, the label A&R’s of Enhanced dropped me a message asking for a follow-up the release with the specifics – “another one with that future house hybrid feel”. I felt super inspired seeing how well the ongoing release was doing, and when the request came up I was on my way home that evening, so I couldn’t resist turning back and jumping right back into the studio.


I had this bass groove from an old project idea that I wrote years ago and decided to go with that and refine it. Pretty late that very same evening the sound idea was in place, and it all just came along very quick. I sent the demo over to Enhanced and got some great pointers back that really improved it all. Some tracks take forever and some don’t, this was one of those that thankfully came around smoothly!”

Mike Siver‘s latest track ‘Calling On You‘ was supported by Lucas & SteveNicky RomeroTritonalUmmet OzcanMorgan PageDisco FriesBreathe CarolinaArunaCuebrickAPEKNathan Rux.


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