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Mikelyrik Interview 2015



Mikelyrik Interview 2015

Today I bring you an exclusive interview with a great talent that has roots in Dance/Pop/Soul music. His name is Mikelyrik, a towering presence, both off the stage and on. He became the winner of NYC’s Underground Music Award for Best Live Performance and his popularity is increasing internationally. Do you want to know why? Read this interesting interview below!

1 – It’s amazing that you’ve performed in various international countries thus far, Is there any particular one that you’ve enjoyed the most? Why?

Yea, sometimes it’s still surreal to me to think about the places I’ve been fortunate enough to have performed at. Honestly, as of now, it’s a toss-up between Abu Dhabi and Bahrain. The partying and crazy antics during the shows in both places were filled with epic memories embedded in my mind forever! I’m still waiting for moments to surpass those LOL!

2 – As an independent artist, you’ve been the opening act for several major international artists, How do those shows compare to your other shows and performances?

It’s often more of a nerve racking spectacle in my mind when I’m opening for major artists because I know most of the audience is there to see their fav. So I’m hoping that my set will captivate the artists’ fans enough for them to become a part of my movement / fan base as well. I’m a tad bit more relaxed when it’s my shows because I feel the energy directly from my supporters, especially when they are singing my songs that they already know, along with me.

3 – Tell me about this song “Celebrate”

Well…My belief is that there is always something to be grateful for as long as there is life flowing through you, and Jaron, one of my favorite writers, knows this about me. So while vibing at one of my favorite studios in Long Island City, he came up with this song and I recorded it on the spot. Whether it’s a huge event like a baby’s birth, falling in love or a smaller blessing like being able to pay a simple bill, there’s always something to celebrate…

4 – With a name like MikeLyrik, I’m sure you write songs as well right?

Most definitely. I wrote my entire first EP ‘Event Exclusive’ and I’ve been writing several songs for my current project. I do enjoy working with other writers, however, because I’ve come to realize that sometimes someone else knows exactly how to say what you feel, even though it’s still up to you to express it.

5 – What’s the story behind the one-word “Mikelyrik” spelling?

I’ve always liked the idea of one name as a stage name. Also ironically, all of the artists I’ve been truly inspired by go by one name (Prince, Madonna, Aaliyah, Babyface). Sometimes people still separate the words in my name but I’m quick to correct them as much as I can, it doesn’t happen that often anymore lately though LOL.

6 – What is your dream collaboration with any artist, past or present?

The first and foremost number one collaboration dream I always had was singing a duet with the beautiful Aaliyah but it just wasn’t meant to become a reality, RIP. Other than that her, there are really too many to name today as far as who I’d love to collaborate with. Art can be a very lonely profession, so it’s always great to find a fellow artist whose vision/ talent complements or enhances your own.

7 – I see you’ve won several Underground Music Awards in NYC. What does it mean to you to be an award-winning independent artist?

Those awards truly provide inspiration not just for the artists that win, but for the nominees as well. They really remind us that our work, efforts and grind aren’t going unnoticed. Winning really is a humbling experience, each time because I know that it would not be possible at all without fans and supporters caring enough to listen and pay attention to your stuff, and then vote for you. If I never win another award I’ll always remain grateful for the indie awards I’ve won so far.

8 – The music video for your song “What Is Love” is described as “emotional simplicity at its best”. Will there be any more music videos this year? Perhaps for “Celebrate”?

Music coupled with visuals has and always will be an important element to me. I have been on cloud nine about the reception for the WIL music video since it was released on YouTube. I’ll just say please stay tuned for the answer to which song will get a visual next.

9 – Based on your Instagram posts and photo shoots, Do you consider yourself a fitness guru?

I’ve studied martial arts for many years and a lot of the principals I’ve learned continue to inspire me to share them as I grow, that’s why I often post quotes. Also, I recognize how important health and fitness are towards getting the most out of life, but a fitness guru, I am not LOL.

10 – You continue to perform internationally and record new music, you dabble in film, fitness, modeling and hosting events. What’s next to being tackled in the world of MikeLyrik?

Honestly, I’m constantly working on a daily basis to keep the opportunities growing. It’s been nothing but blessings for me this far and there’s so much more to celebrate in the near future, make sure you follow all of my social media @MikeLyrik and my website to see what’s next!

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