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Mindfux Volume 1: An Instrumental Collection



instrumental collection
E Philz 
is a Music Producer from Austin, Texas who shares with us his latest project called, ‘Mindfux Volume 1: An Instrumental Collection’. The interesting thing about this 10-track album is that it’s literally stimulating for both, the mind and body. In other words, the artist provides almost a psychosomatic experience, where organic and digital instruments converge to produce unique sounds with special properties. In my opinion, there are different styles of music according to different situations or emotions. On this ground, the musical diversity goes hand in hand with this material’s multiple purposes, ranging from studying, relaxing or meditation. Below you’ll find a track-by-track review where I expand with more details.

1 — The Mookiest The first track dazzles with violins screech. Consequently, he creates a suspenseful intro, while it receives your mindful attention right to the end.

2 — Subsequently With a repetitive melodic pattern, this one holds tranquilizing effects. Primarily, a classic piano and well-marked electronic elements are the most important ingredients.

3 — Weird Tings This sounds great and makes justice to its title. Certainly, I can guarantee you that those sci fi-esque melodies are pretty unusual. Perhaps, he wants to take you to another time or era, simply use your imagination…

4 — The Grime I can feel some Hip-Hop influence due to the vinyl-like scratching part on this track. Overall, it’s monotonous in essence but the arrangements are delightful.

5 — Jordanesque Get ready for the magical harp, this instrument is what makes a difference in the whole album. So far, my favorite, and it doesn’t cease to be soothing as the rest of the tunes.

6 — One Day Basically, the Producer keeps experimenting with classical instrumental music, plus adds the scratching technique, that is as well present in many tracks. Therefore, he offers something unconventional, but at the same time, original.

7 — Come At Me Then Chill Here he plays with the energy levels, as there are many ups and downs. Sonically, it features a complex structure bringing much variance.

8 — Conclusions Minute by minute, I realize the fast-paced piano piece is somewhat memorable. Again, I can notice also an instrumental Hip-Hop influence, which is a bit old-school.

9 — Hyped Weird Tings Read my thoughts on track #3. Of course, both carry an identical sound. However, the penultimate cut was designed on a high tempo.

10 — The Hyped Grime Same formula as the last one, this is another track with an accelerated pace on purpose. Sincerely, I had a lot of fun reviewing this album that breaks with traditional schemes and music rules. It will capture your internal senses, so drift away to this kind of rhythms.



By Erick Ycaza

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