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MONDO Blends Heavy Metal + Moombahton Perfectly With “El Macuahuitl”



MONDO Blends Heavy Metal + Moombahton Perfectly With “El Macuahuitl”
Get ready for this massive Heavy Metal, Moombahton infused banger entitled “El Macuahuitl”. The LA-based DJ/Producer MONDO dares to do different things and breaks music theory rules. Sincerely, no one could have expected such a powerful tune. As a result, aggressive guitar riffs provide a good contrast to the crazy tropical bass. In my 10 years as a blogger, I have never experienced a truly unique track like this one. The freedom that artists have today of experimenting with new sounds has no limits. Undoubtedly, “El Macuahuitl” marks the beginning so that other producers innovate with their own ideas. Additionally, there is no point in composing cheap copies of commercial hits. Keep in mind that innovation is thinking what nobody has thought. In brief, MONDO sets a good example with his first single. Listen in full below.



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