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Moon And Aries Awaken Your Nostalgia With Synthpop Gem “Toxic City”



Moon and Aries formed by Jordana Moon and Tom Aries is a reflection of some of the most convincing blasts of Synthpop in the last few months. The Canadian-German musical project’s 6th release, “Toxic City” is filled with nostalgia and retro vibes awakening random memories that make you smile.

Once again they rely on 80-inspired rhythms while their lyrics explore futuristic themes. Not for nothing they refer to themselves as a “galactic duo surfing the quantum of the Universe.”

With “Toxic City” these creative artists foresee a dystopia in tomorrow’s world. Empty streets, fear, and a mournful melancholy, that is all that remains!

Moon and Aries

Beyond the intriguing synths, Moon and Aries’ thought-provoking lyrical vision dominates their original work. Besides, you can perceive its moods, often as dark as somber but with a pinch of Pop.

On the whole, no one can deny such potent dreamy vocals are probably the best ingredient. Perhaps, something of a revelation in their capacity as newcomers.

Among the duo’s current influences, you can tell they share a similar style to the likes of Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre, etc. Above all, “Toxic City” is part of the forthcoming full-length album, ‘Glory Attack’ due out in April 2022.

In the meantime, keep discovering rich sonic textures which distinguish their melodic gems via the social media channels below.



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