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Martin Brothers Take You Inside The Making Of ‘Love Is Optional’ Album



Love Is Optional

Martin Brothers are back! Stream their new album ‘Love Is Optional’ and read this exclusive interview about the whole creative process. This fantastic material features 9 songs, all of them resembling an amalgam of vintage and modern synthesizers. If you want to learn more about it, just scroll down.

1 — You are calling this album, ‘Love Is Optional,’ what’s the reason for that?

‘Love Is Optional’ is the same title as one of the main songs and first single of the album. But we also found that the title fits the overall mood of the album and its cover artwork. The mixture of upbeat songs and ballads with a touch of melancholy and nostalgic vibes again reflects well in the album title. Almost like a relationship in which it is very exciting, but not quite sure in which direction it will go.

2 — These new songs feel modern and nostalgic at the same time. Lots of potential singles. Do you agree?

That’s right. We had the goal to let our influences from the music of the 80s and Synth-pop sounds flow strongly into this album. At the same time, we enjoy also modern and fresh new elements. This was of course a challenge, but we are happy with our work. In fact, it is quite difficult for us to decide which songs should become a single release.

3 — Is this the first time you collaborate with a female vocalist? Please tell us more.

We have worked with female singers many times, but somehow always ended up with a male singer for the last few single releases. It is sometimes difficult to explain what kind of voice you are looking for which song. You somehow have to feel it. Sometimes we hear clearly what kind of voice is needed, but sometimes it’s not so clear. In this case, you can just try something and maybe get a special result that surprises you. However, we are very proud of the result and think the two females did a wonderful job.

4 — How long did it take you to produce this material?

The production process was pretty quick and straightforward. We already had some instrumentals ready when we decided to go for a full album because we are actually constantly producing songs. To polish the songs at the end has taken a bit more time. Well, the small details sometimes can take longer, cause we want to get it as close to perfect as possible. Of course, it is always a lot of work and heart blood that is put into such a project. But at the end, it’s totally worth it. We still love full albums, as you hop on a journey when listening through and really get a bigger picture of the artist and their music, more than just with a single release.

5 — Which song suggests big nostalgic energy? Why?

That is a difficult question. Of course, everyone’s perception will be different. Maybe “Love Is Optional.” The song is something between Tears of Fears and Depeche Mode, but with a modern twist and its own style. But there are others too, such as “I Can’t Lie” or “Bad Enough.”

6 — What about the most uplifting track?

It has some uplifting tracks on the album. We always also like to make music, people can dance to. That is our nature. The song “Love Lockdown Now” combines party rhythm and emotions and will surely rock some parties. So we guess that’s a good tune for a club. The upbeat track “Can’t Stay For Too Long” or “Don’t Look Down” certainly should also evoke some uplifting feelings.

7 — If you could change one thing in this album, what would it be?

Looking to the future, living in the present, and learning from the past. Every song we do brings us new insights that we incorporate into future projects.

8 — When you listen to this album what moves you more, synths or lyrics?

We believe it is always a combination of the two. In principle, we start with the synth melody, which gives a song a certain mood. But the lyrics are also very important and will give a song its meaning and can bring it really to life.

9 — Did you have creative differences during the recording process?

Of course, there can always be differences. But once we have decided on a general style and a common direction, we get into the flow and work for hand in hand.

10 — Any surprises planned for the upcoming music videos?

Currently, we are in post-production for the upcoming clip. It will certainly be a bit different than our existing videos. We always want to reinvent ourselves.​

It definitely will have some nice nostalgic, melancholy vibes in it. We were lucky to shoot on a very nice and nostalgic site and actually got some support from someone, but somehow they were a little shy 😉 Let’s see!



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