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Motoe Haus Interview 2016



Motoe Haus Interview 2016
I spoke with DJ Motoe Haus to learn more about his music and participation in the upcoming film “All out Dysfunktion”, directed by Ryan LeMasters, written/produced by David Bianchi, produced by Christina Jo’Leigh. Recently this artist transplanted to Ibiza where he launched Haustronaut Recordings and is creating spellbinding sounds that continue to inspire holding residencies at the world’s most prestigious city in the world! Read the interview now!

1 – How did you first get into DJing?

I started about 25 years ago with hip-hop. Didn’t take it too seriously as a career for the first 5 years. Then I began producing records. This has been my life mission ever since. To make music that makes people happy.

2 – How did you pick your DJ name “MOTOE HAUS”?

I didn’t pick it. It was given to me by some fellow DJs as a joke that happened to get on a flyer!

3 – What makes a good DJ session?

Music curation, timing, execution, connection to the audience, equipment skills, and proper intention. I think a pre-planned set order is hilarious and for those who don’t really feel the moment.

4 – You have multiple tracks in “All out Dysfunktion”, How did this come about? Is this your first film?

David Bianchi emailed and asked. I charged him a friend rate and boom. No, Not my first film. I have music in shows and other movies as well as scoring a few.

5 – You’ve seen the movie in advance what’s your three sentence review for all the fans out there? 

It’s hilarious and fun! It’s very real and honest about the messed up dynamics of Los Angeles entertainment people. Welcome to the jungle!

Pre-order the movie here:!/id1135100821

6 – What have you learned from having your own label Haustronaut Records? How can DJs send you their demos?

I’ve learned that you don’t need the major recording industry anymore. We can do this without them and it’s actually better because they really don’t understand house and techno anyway. They think it’s about something they can bottle and sell. It isn’t. Artists can send in demos to

7 – How much has the scene changed since you started DJing?

It just has gotten bigger and more diverse and a section was hijacked to create EDM (the commercial, soul-less side). So it has changed but that’s ok.

8 – Why do you think EDM is so popular now, more than ever?

EDM is popular because it’s marketed. House and techno is popular because it’s actually good music. House is nostalgic. Techno is forward thinking (if that makes sense musically).

9 – What’s the name of your latest single? Are you releasing a new EP?

You can check all my latest releases on Traxsource, Beatport or iTunes via

Traxsource (Haustronaut Recordings)
Traxsource (Motoe Haus) 
Beatport (Motoe Haus)
Beatport (Haustronaut Recordings)

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