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MusicCred’s Founder Chad R. LaBoy Opens Up In Exclusive Interview




With its innovative approach, MusicCred presents an innovative way of bringing together artists, venues, and fans with the goal of making the live music scheduling process easier through streamlining and simplification. In this exclusive interview, Chad R. LaBoy, the visionary founder of this app, offers insights as the creative force behind the initiative.

1 – Chad, thanks for taking the time to chat. To start, can you tell us a little about your background and what sparked the idea for MusicCred?

Absolutely, and I appreciate the opportunity to share. My entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 8 when I started selling banana plants on the side of the road. My father’s lesson on the regenerative nature of banana plants sparked my early interest in business. Over the years, I ventured into various fields, including landscaping, car detailing, art brokering, bartending, and serving as an executive assistant to a New York Times best-selling author along with a lot of other business journeys. Despite these experiences, my true passion lies in music. While aspiring to be a successful singer, I encountered challenges that were essentially business operational hurdles. It was this realization that fueled the inception of MusicCred.

2 – What problem are you trying to solve with MusicCred?

Our aim with MusicCred goes beyond connectivity, which platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat already provide. In the current industry landscape, the focus should be on technology that enhances lives, benefiting both individuals and their families. At the core of this is the question: How do you make money? Uber and Airbnb have figured this out in their respective industries and MusicCred is aiming to do that for the music business industry. MusicCred is more than a connection tool; it’s a comprehensive management solution designed by my team and me to not only facilitate connections but also to help users effectively manage their business and relationships.

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3 – What kind of features does the app provide for artists and venues?

MusicCred’s core features serve to streamline the booking process for both artists and venues, utilizing advanced search capabilities and geolocation. Artists can create profiles, functioning as Electronic Press Kits (EPKs), while venues establish profiles similar to Yelp pages. With MusicCred, venues can easily discover talent in their vicinity, evaluate relevant information, and make well-informed booking decisions.

Once a venue decides to book an artist, they gain access to comprehensive booking details, including rates and availability times. Venues can then initiate conversations or submit offers directly through the platform. This system also empowers artists to send inquiries to venues without the need for cold calling. For secure and efficient payment processing, MusicCred has strategically partnered with Stripe, ensuring funds are securely held until the event concludes, at which point payments are automatically dispersed to the artist.

Beyond simplifying the booking process, MusicCred serves as a powerful marketing tool. It enables artists and venues to share their profiles through various channels, including social media, email, or text messages. Moreover, the platform allows users to share their events, making them accessible to anyone seeking live entertainment in the area. Through fan view, MusicCred provides instant access to events using geolocation technology and advanced search capabilities, revolutionizing not only how the music industry conducts business but also how consumers engage with it.

4 – Considering your extensive background working with artists at all levels, what key insights did you gain that helped shape MusicCred’s functionality?

Having worked closely with artists across various levels, from independent talents to music industry legends, I’ve garnered invaluable insights that significantly influenced the design of MusicCred’s functionality. Throughout these experiences, I’ve received a wealth of thoughts and advice from artists at different stages of their careers.

One key insight that became apparent is the universal challenge of organization faced by entertainers across all levels. Whether an independent artist or an established legend, the common desire is to concentrate on their craft—be it music or any other artistic pursuit. Recognizing this commonality, we crafted MusicCred with the goal of simplifying business operations, making it as easy and enjoyable as using popular social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Our aim is to blend the efficiency of business with the interactivity and fun of social networking, creating an environment where artists can focus on what they love while seamlessly managing their professional endeavors.

MusicCred app Founder CEO Interview5 – Can you talk about any pleasant surprises you encountered in the development of MusicCred?

Throughout the development of MusicCred, the most pleasant surprise has undoubtedly been the incredible dedication and vision shared by my team. Working alongside such exceptional individuals has been an immense honor. Achieving the level of collaboration and synergy we experience today wasn’t a straightforward journey, and overcoming significant challenges required collective effort and resilience.

Despite encountering major obstacles, the surprise and delight come from our ability to navigate and surmount these challenges together. The unwavering support we’ve received from within the industry further reinforces our commitment to serving this extraordinary community we all hold dear. The journey has not only strengthened our resolve but also reaffirmed the power of teamwork and shared passion in turning vision into reality.

6 – In the event of cancellations or rescheduling, what policies does MusicCred have in place for handling such situations?

In the face of cancellations or rescheduling, MusicCred’s policies, detailed in our Terms of Service, prioritize the industry’s needs. While events can be canceled anytime, refunds require ample notice, facilitating artists and venues in finding alternatives. This approach is rooted in empathy, with a commitment to adapt and support the music community. As we evolve, user feedback will shape our policies, reflecting transparency and trust in the evolving landscape of the music industry. Explore the details at

7 – Is MusicCred accessible globally, or is it confined to users in the United States?

MusicCred is currently available on Apple iOS and Android devices, offering a global reach. While we’re actively serving the vibrant music scene in the United States, our vision extends globally. We eagerly anticipate future partnerships that will propel us to cater to the music business on an international scale. Stay tuned for our exciting journey beyond borders.

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8 – Where do you see the greatest opportunities for MusicCred to expand in the future — new markets, new features, etc.?

We’re at the inception of an incredible journey. With the support of music enthusiasts, users, and investors within the industry, our aim is to evolve into a comprehensive platform that serves not only artists but also extends its benefits to managers, producers, bandmates, and beyond. While I won’t reveal all the details, rest assured it’s an exhilarating journey we’re embarking on together. And we are just getting started!

9 – For independent musicians looking to expand their careers by booking more shows, what advice do you suggest?

As independent musicians seek to elevate their careers by securing more shows, my advice is to fully integrate MusicCred into your music business. Channel all your bookings through this innovative technology, and witness a substantial surge in both your bookings and fan base. MusicCred is meticulously crafted to support you at every stage of your musical journey. We value your feedback, as it fuels our commitment to making MusicCred your all-in-one solution. Moreover, consider transitioning away from cash transactions for your shows. With MusicCred diligently tracking all your bookings, payments, and transactions, you gain a powerful tool for managing taxes and providing evidence of your income. While I’m not a financial advisor, this shift can be a significant stride toward enhancing the lives of independent artists making music their livelihood.

10 – What’s the long-term vision for MusicCred and how do you see it potentially transforming the music industry?

The long-term vision for MusicCred involves taking measured steps towards transforming the music industry, recognizing that change won’t happen overnight for an industry with a rich history. As the founder & CEO, my personal vision is to forge partnerships and relationships that already exist within the music industry. While many excellent companies focus on music, our aim is to support and transition the industry in a way that addresses its pressing needs and giving it a platform to continuously grow. We seek to fill the gaps and cater to an underserved yet massive market. By maintaining our focus on small to medium-sized venues with 1000 seats or fewer and independent artists, we anticipate sustained growth with the support of those who share our passion and belief in the transformative impact of MusicCred.



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