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New Reggaeton Latino Hit, “Tu Nombre” By IAmChino



Turn up the volume and get ready to twerk to this new Reggaeton Latino hit! IAmChino, the Cuban-American DJ, producer, and rapper, is serving up something that’ll make you move and unleash your energy straight onto the dance floor.

Lyrics Breakdown: “Tu Nombre”

If Spanish isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry, I got you covered. Right here, right now, I’ll break down the meaning of the lyrics of “Tu Nombre” for you. Basically, the verses set the scene in a nightclub, where you meet someone who captivates you, and you’re dying to know their name to get to know them better.

The rest of the lines follow the same theme of this catchy tune, and like I said before, it’s designed to make you dance, no doubt about it.

I don’t think practicing your Spanish will be too hard either because IAmChino’s delivery is clear and pretty understandable. Although, when he spits fire with his rhymes, that’s when things might get a bit trickier if you’re still a beginner in this language.

Reggaeton Latino

Club-Ready Music Videos

I must recommend his awesome collaboration with J Rythm and Gunder 808 called “4TM.” Trust me, it’s fire! And when it comes to his music videos, this artist knows how to transport fans of Reggaeton Latino straight to the clubs in the United States, where surprisingly, this genre is booming like crazy…

Furthermore, it’s important to mention that José Carlos Garcia (his real name) has a track record that’s pure gold. Indeed, he even scored a Grammy after collaborating with Pitbull on his 2016 album, ‘Dale.’

IAmChino Tu Nombre music video
But that’s not all, his jams usually hit hard on the radio and climb high on the charts. I genuinely hope “Tu Nombre” keeps up the streak because every gem he drops is better than the last.



By Erick Ycaza

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