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Niki & The Dove Reveal Lyrics To Electro Pop 2016 Hit “So Much It Hurts”



Swedish Electro Pop act Niki & The Dove posted their brand new 2016 video clip “So Much It Hurts” a few days ago on YouTube and honestly, I’m loving it (♥_♥)! This is a catchy song with excellent lyrics. Below I am also sharing with you the handwritten note from the duo so that you can start singing at any time:

so much it hurts lyrics

Niki & The Dove is the duo of Malin & Gustaf, and they are responsible for many Electro Pop hits since the 2010’s. Nowadays, “So Much It Hurts” is their new single that struck the world this month. The reception of the track has been tremendous and among other achievements, I believe it will land soon at number one in Europe and hopefully in USA as well.

Niki & The Dove

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