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Papa Roy Foundation On Bold New Song “Can’t Stay Here” — Interview



bold new song papa roy foundation

In today’s interview, Dance-Pop group Papa Roy Foundation discuss the origins of their bold new song “Can’t Stay Here.” Learn more about its lyrics and the captivating music video. Ahead of their debut album ‘Out of The Darkness,’ this creative collective from the UK is already conquering the world wide web with their radiant positive vibes!

1 — Your second single “Can’t Stay Here” is awesome, where would you love to hear your song played?

That’s a great question! When we released “Say,” we had some fan-made videos sent out, ranging from the UK to the USA. One person sent a video of them dancing in New York! Would love to receive similar things again, especially from South America where we seem to be attracting fans! Would love to play live. We talked about it and we always wanted to go to South America, so you never know where it will get played!

2 — Can you recall a favorite memory from recording it in the studio?

When we recorded it, I remember Mike, our engineer, and mixer giving us that engineers’ nod, the one they always give when they are getting into something!’

3 — What was the inspiration for this song?

This song really came out of the darkness! Late one night was listening to some rifts, whilst drinking a little rum. A bottle later and the song was finished. Was good fun!

4 — Who wrote the lyrics? What is the message behind this track?

Papa Roy wrote the chorus and Skxllzy wrote the verse. It’s about a couple who want to be together but people are trying to break them up.

5 — How is this song different or similar to your debut single “Say”?

“Say” is a happy and feel-good song. This one is slightly different but retains similar dance vibes.

6 — How involved were you in the creative process of the music video?

Papa Roy give Dan a brief. Ideally, we wanted to do a grander video with a cast of 1000 but due to lockdown, we had to keep the numbers to the minimum. We originally started shooting this in December, and only finished it in April. There were long gaps between shooting so we had to remember what we were wearing!

7 — What about the actors who played in the visuals for “Can’t Stay Here”? Who directed this clip?

Dan Wheale directed the video. He is also an amazing guitarist and has worked with a number of top chart starts. He also played on some of the tracks from the album. As for the actors, Emma plays the female vampire and she happens to be a good singer. Hoping to do a couple of things with her in the future. The rest of the actors are good friends and family.

8 — Where do you think you are all happiest, in the studio recording music or performing live shows?

We have been restricted to the studio only which has been a real pain! Originally I wanted to do this liven but due to Covid restrictions we have been unable to do so. I would love to play or perform live. The guys know me and I have some great ideas to really put on a great show! I can’t see live for a little while, maybe a performance but we are open to offers!

9 — What do you hope listeners continue to take away from your songs?

Just to enjoy life, and spread the love!

10 — What else can we expect from your upcoming album ‘Out of The Darkness’?

The album has now been completed and is ready to go. The next single will most likely “Out of The Darkness.” The rest of the album has some more Pop songs, a couple of slower ones, and some happy ones. We also have a track featuring a friend of mine, Guy Garrett. That track is awesome!



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