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People Still Do Make Dance Music With MS-DOS



Behind every bubbly software interface lies a web of internal commands and operations that very few of us can understand. That’s someone else’s job—we just want to play with virtual knobs and buttons until something interesting happens.
A few minutes ago, I just discovered a video on YouTube attributed to Diode Milliampere, who is a Chicago-area musician who makes thick, futuristic dance jams that are too rich to simply be called chiptune.
Believe it or not, this talented artist makes dance music with MS-DOS.
At the video below, you’ll noticed lines of flashing commands surfing across a sea of text in a colorless MS-DOS environment. “HI HAT”; “SQUARE WAVES”; “arpL1,” the lines indicated, before being inundated by new stacks of code that shuffled in from off screen every few seconds.

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