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Previews From Mike Montaño’s New EP ‘Mental Universe’ on Bosom Records



Previews From Mike Montaño's New EP 'Mental Universe' Surface Online ?
After releasing “Womb Looter” VA vinyl, Bosom Records gives the welcome to the Mexican Mike Montaño for their next digital output ready to hit the stores this March 3rd.

With music previously signed to labels such as I! Records, Darren Emerson’s Detone and recently collaborating with Sakro in releases played by Thomas Melchior or Valentino Kanzyani, Montaño delivers a pair of dark vocal groovy cuts for his ‘Mental Universe’ EP.


Mental Universe kicks off with a sci-fi tv show vocal sample from the 50s, the track rolls up a building groove with spooky atmospheres and organic textures keeping its own rhythm and vocal until the end with no big-room synths serving as a reliable dance floor warmer. Bosom Records artist Night Creatures recreated their version with a Minimal House beat intro adding more hi-hats and rides in a very appropriate approach for a stronger and more hypnotic tool.

“Every time you feel lost or cannot continue with this life, come along and dance to this rhythm that will make you fly…” The second track “The Therapy” opens with this acapella hook hitting the 4/4 kick evolving with its added hi-hats into a pumping Tech House track for club purposes. Andrei C, (Hardcutz, Dolce Music) known for his low frequencies and percussive productions delivers a darker Minimal version with an added sub-bass layer in progression with sharper hi-hats, claps and cymbals.



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