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PROPE Reveal ‘State Of The Oblivion’ EP Release Date + New Artwork



PROPE Reveal ‘State Of The Oblivion’ EP Release Date And New Artwork
 are back on board at the OGASM label, announcing their new EP ‘State Of The Oblivion’. Planned to be released on June 1st, they are already creating high expectations. In addition, an eye-catching artwork designed by Aline Bouvy was recently shared on Facebook. Consequently, my first thought for some reason was, “This is gonna be literally amazing”. Trust me, I was lucky enough that the Belgium duo granted me free access to listen to the whole record in advance. Following the release of their third EP ‘Excite’, this new material sees them again experimenting with unique rhythms.

There is a total of 4 tracks wonderfully crafted for being played around underground clubs. Let’s get this straight, the first tune “Plague” seems to be the best on this EP. With a focus on the haunting vocals from African singer Alune Wade, they offer almost a spiritual experience, where some parts are melodic/spooky. They bring even more intensified dark vibes with “ESC” and “Trauma”. Finally, sounding very close to a Minimal production is the last number, “Dust”, while 808-style claps clearly improved the composition, hammering beats follow their constant path to the end. Can’t wait for the official release, stay tuned for more info…



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