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Punk Rock Is Good For You, Mr. Johnny Ba$h Confirms This On “Trial”



punk rock
Rage surrounds Mr. Johnny Ba$h‘s new song “Trial. The basics of Punk Rock in conjunction with rhyming verses make it a proper anthem to sing when you’re mad.

Obviously, there’s a winning formula behind the volatile track. And this has to do with the way he delivers hard-rocking vibes and tongue-twisting lyrics.

Taken from his latest EP, ‘Mr. Johnny Ba$h Is A Dope MC, “Trial” becomes a healthy form of expression to vent out all the frustration that has boiled over for many years.

Likewise, the California-based artist states in an interview via Electro Wow, that this jam encapsulates the feeling of healing from trauma. Most especially, putting an end to mistakes made in the past.

Deep truths that hurt while a chapter of his life closes bring to the surface one of his best-ever compositions. It’s loud, fast, and sparkling.

Hit the play button below and draw a conclusion.

Alternatively, you may notice the legacy of Punk Rock is alive in all its splendor. Plus, musicians’ fascination towards this genre is evident today across Indie circles.

Part of the reason for the continuing interest is that the new generation avoids the mainstream. In other words, seeking out your own identity and adding an intimate touch to the songwriting process is deciphered as significant value.

As a matter of fact, Punk Rock embraces a belief in spontaneity and ‘doing it yourself.’

Relying on the appeal of realism and unique individual experiences, the narrative of “Trial” feels compatible with the irreverent movement and punkish melodies, which never let the rebel inside you die.



By Erick Ycaza

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