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Queens of Disco [Documentary]



Disco Documentary

This is the best Disco documentary ever created, in which Graham Norton profiles the leading ladies of the golden era, including Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer, Grace Jones, Chaka Khan, Madonna and ‘Honourary Disco Queen’ Sylvester. This film is actually quite interesting for those with a passing interest in this genre. However, by trying to cover six stars it leaves only about ten minutes to do each justice. Personally, I learned things that I didn’t know about all of these artists. Honestly, it was quite interesting to hear about suicide attempts, the origins of songs and so on… However, if you already know these things then you’ll probably not be surprised. Watch it below.

In general, it’s an accessible but superficial look at a handful of the big Disco queens. If you have a passing interest in the subject or just like the music then it should be entertaining; Even though, if you know even a bit about their careers then this will just be telling you what you already know without giving too much extra insight.

‘Queens Of Disco’
The Best Disco Documentary Ever Created!


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