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Various Recent Music Genres Enter The Latest Edition of The Chambers Dictionary



Dubstep and Grime are among a number of recent musical genres that have entered the latest edition of the Chambers Dictionary. Grime, which has had a large following in the higher reaches of the charts, specially in the United Kingdom, is described as “a style of popular music combining elements of dancehall and hip-hop”. Dubstep, the genre of choice for artists including Nero and Skrillex, is labelled as a “type of electronic popular dance music developed from drum and bass”.

Boyband has also entered the latest edition, despite being a largely popular term used for several decades. The noun is defined as a “pop group, targeting mainly the teenage market, composed of young males chosen because they look good and can dance and sometimes even sing”. Beatboxing and online Cloud services have also made it into the Chambers Dictionary update. 

Warning! If you’re allergic to Dubstep I suggest you not watch the video below.

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