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Queer Pop Culture Fans Will Rejoice Over TKOH’s Latest EP — Interview



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is a fast-rising singer-songwriter that should be on your radar if you’re into Queer Pop culture. Read this exclusive interview, and learn more about him and his latest EP ‘Fire Island Pining (Season 1),’ which is already heating up summer.

1 – First of all, where does the artistic name TKOH come from?

There’s part of me that’s a little embarrassed to share this! In high school I wrote poetry under the moniker “The King of Hearts” – it’s something that has just stuck throughout my evolution as a songwriter. The thing is, it sounds like a cheesy Y2K boy band name; my producer and I decided to truncate it to the acronym: “TKOH.”

I grew up in a very religiously conservative household, and face cards weren’t allowed. I’ve always been attracted to exploring “forbidden” themes through my art, so TKOH feels very fitting.

2 – How long have you been actively making music?

I’ve been writing music as a cathartic and therapeutic expression since I was a teenager – just for myself though! I seriously started pursuing making music 2 1/2 years ago when I started working with my producer and co-writer, t. Harts.

3 – For someone who hasn’t heard your new songs, how would you describe your own sound?

The TKOH sound falls into the category of pure “Queer Pop.” The joy of Pop music is that it draws and fuses together so many influences and styles – I also feel there’s nothing queerer than that. My music is colorful and loud.

4 – Why exactly did you release your latest EP ‘Fire Island Pinning (Season 1)’ during Pride month?

‘Fire Island Pining (Season 1)’ is my musical queer summer fantasy world. It’s so gay. It only felt appropriate to let the world have it during Pride Month!

5 – Will there be a continuation of this conceptual EP? If so, what can fans expect on Season 2?

That is the plan! And, with the positive response to Season 1, it’s safe to say ‘Fire Island Pining’ has been renewed for a second season.

When I write music, I often describe it in colors. It’s a very visual experience for me. We’ll still be playing with the same candy-sweet bubblegum pink and baby blue palette… but I think we’ll push the spectrum a bit. Perhaps a little deeper. We’re going to get nasty. Witchy. Raw.

6 – In your opinion, which track is the most motivational gay anthem?

It feels like “You & Your Man” has been the EP’s breakout fan favorite. Exploring relationships outside of monogamy isn’t specifically a gay phenomenon, but at the same time, it’s also particularly gay!

7 – Why do you think “Blondes Have More Fun” is your most-streamed tune on this EP?

“Blondes Have More Fun” was released a couple of weeks ahead of the EP, and I think people just ate it up! It was one of my favorite tracks to record, so I love that it resonated with my listeners.

TKOH - Fire Island Pinning
8 – Are you planning to drop music videos or remixes anytime soon?

Short answer: yes! We have some fun content in the works. If I had an unlimited budget and unlimited resources, I would have loved to drop a full short film for the EP. Unfortunately, that’s not in the cards this round… but we’ll be sure to keep you all fed!

Also, if you’re a queer artist or producer reading this and you’d be interested in collaborating on a remix or a project… this is your sign to reach out!

9 – What singer from the past (dead or alive) would you most love to collaborate with? Why?

I would DIE to get in the studio with Tove Lo. Her writing is so raw, sexual, and authentic… it’d be enough to just be a fly on the wall and soak up that energy.

10 – Finally, how challenging is it to achieve success for queer artists in the music industry today?

There is no better time to be alive as a queer artist making music! We have more power and influence than ever. But at the same time, it’s hard. We have to be loud and relentless. I think we’re at the beginning of a queer music renaissance where our art and is more accessible and consumable than ever.



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