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Quickfire Interview With: Faizan & Husen



Quickfire Interview With: Faizan & Husen

Recently, there’s a hot instrumental cover of The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” on the world wide web. In this short interview, you will meet the creative musicians behind this masterpiece. I’m talking about Faizan, a master of the handpan drum, and Husen, an expert in the saxophone. Check out their answers down here!

1 — You’ve been composing songs since…

Faizan: I’ve been composing songs since the age of 10.
Husen: Since I was 9 years old.

2 — You got involved in the music realm because…

Faizan: Since childhood, I have been fascinated by music.
Husen: I couldn’t stay away from music ever since I discovered it, it was so fascinating to me.

3 — Your sound is…

Faizan: Funk, Soul, Pop, and always try to be unique.
Husen: Funk, Soul, Jazz, I love them all.

4 — Your biggest inspiration is…

Faizan: Hard to choose just one, there are so many.
Husen: My father. I loved the way he whistled, I would stop whatever I was doing just to listen to him when I was young.

5 — People should listen to your latest cover of “Blinding Lights” because…

Faizan: The song features one of the best saxophonists from the Maldives and he looks exactly like BRUNO MARS haha!
Husen: It’s different from the original, it has its own unique elements to it.

6 — If you want to know who FAIZAN is and who Husen is listen to the track…

Faizan: Aether (feat. Amadeus).
Husen: Blinding Lights.

7 — Your most memorable career moment so far has been…

Faizan: Getting to work with Maldivian Music Legend Fuloo Nashid on his album.
Husen: The moment I met my idol, Hiromi. An outstanding Jazz Japanese pianist.

8 — Your dream is…

Faizan: To perform at a huge international concert.
Husen: To be established on an international level as a respected artist and composer.

9 — Your next release is called…

Faizan: Wait… it’s a surprise (that’s not the title btw haha).
Husen: “Jerusalema”/ Michael Jackson Medley.

10 — Your all-time favorite track is…

Faizan: So many and it’s hard to just pick one.
Husen: “Smile” by Nat King Cole.

11 — Your favourite place to write songs is…

Faizan: It depends on the mood, some bits of ideas for a song might come even when stuck in traffic.
Husen: Anywhere if I’m in the mood.

12 — If you weren’t an artist, you’d be…

Faizan: Probably a videographer.
Husen: I would probably join the army, I would love to serve my country.

13 — You’ll only stop making music if…

Faizan: Aliens invaded earth.
Husen: I don’t think I can ever stop making music as long as I am still breathing.

14 — In a few years, you want to be…

Faizan: To be established as an artist internationally.
Husen: Like I previously mentioned, an internationally acclaimed artist.

15 — What are you doing the rest of the day?

Faizan: Going for a gig.
Husen: I love comedy, so I’d probably watch something comedic to relax.




By Erick Ycaza

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