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Quickfire Interview With: Michael Fairman



Quickfire Interview With: Michael Fairman

Michael Fairman grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where music was always his passion and first love. As a teen, he released his first recordings through a small label in Chicago. Once he graduated high school, he moved to Los Angeles and eventually to New York to pursue his career as a recording artist. Learn more about him right here!

1 – You’ve been composing songs since…

I was 17-years-old, then took a break (for a few decades) and immersed myself back into it three-years ago. Coming back into it; I have more life experience to draw on and something to say.

2 – You got involved in the music realm because…

Since a young boy, all I have wanted to do is be a singer, and I needed to find a way to pursue that lifelong dream.

3 – Your sound is…

A mix of pop, soul, and dance with British influences.

4 – Your biggest inspiration is…

Anytime I hear and see a talented new artist breakout and finally get their due.

5 – People should listen to your new remix of “Can’t Let You Go” because…

It’s such a groove … and… Cristian Poow did an amazing job remixing it to the sound I wanted to put out on the dance floor. I dare ya not to be moving your feet or your hands to it while listening to the track!

6 – If you want to know who Michael Fairman is, listen to the track…

”Other Side”- no matter how many times you get knocked down, get back up, and fight the fight.

7 –Your most memorable career moment so far has been…

The moment I heard my songs on pop and dance radio platforms – that feeling of accomplishment.

8 – Your dream is…

To play a large venue – have everyone in attendance on their feet and singing the lyrics to my songs with me.

Quickfire Interview With: Michael Fairman
9 – Your next release is called…

“When Will This COVID-19 Pandemic End”, just kidding. What I will say is we are hard at work on an EP of new tracks… title yet to be determined.

10 – Your all-time favourite track is…

I have so many but the tracks I can listen to over and over and over …“Stand Back” Stevie Nicks (with Prince) and “Electricity” Dua Lipa (with Mark Ronson).

11 – Your favourite place to write songs is…

Sitting at the beach looking out at the ocean.

Michael Fairman music
12 – If you weren’t an artist, you’d probably be…

A social worker – helping others who need someone to lean on to get them through a tough time.

13 – You’ll only stop making music if…

The joy of it is taken out it for me.

14 – In a few years, you want to be…

Topping the dance and pop charts. Lofty goals!

15 – What are you doing for the rest of the day?

Continuing the self-quarantine in my apartment during the COVID-19 pandemic and working on the production elements of my upcoming music video shoot for when social-distancing is lifted.



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