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Check Out Radio Amore’s Forthcoming Electronica Album ‘OPIUM POP’ — LISTEN



Check Out Radio Amore's Forthcoming Electronica Album ‘OPIUM POP’ — LISTEN
There’s no shortage of amazing releases from Filigran Records. The German label is proud to announce the forthcoming Radio Amore‘s Electronica album, entitled as ‘OPIUM POP’. Overall, the twelve tracks have a harmonious sound design. In the same way as the “joy plant”, this ambient material is very addicting. What’s more, with similar effects to opiates, most of these songs will provide a sense of well-being. Such is the case of  “Every Breath Is A Gift”, which features laidback piano chords all the way through. Following the same piano-based chill out style is “Quantum & Lotus”, “Opium Pop”, “Choose Your Illusion” and of course, the sexy piece of “Love Theme”, which carries an eargasmic/smooth flow, just ideal to make love to.

Radio Amore also showcases his Kraftwerk obsession with tunes like “Niagara” and “Joie De Vivre”. The latter samples the electronic band’s 1978 classic “The Robots”, pointing out they were a great influence on the producer’s life. Not only this, he also experiments with rockish guitar riffs a la Jimi Hendrix on other numbers on the record. However, the last track, “Spirit” makes a difference, by offering to listeners a spiritual experience with mantra-like vocals. Definitely, my rate for ‘OPIUM POP’ is a solid 10/10. Release date: July 20th, 2018, stay tuned!



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