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Rapper: Jass Bianchi Reflects On Sexuality In Music Video “SHE”



Rapper: Jass Bianchi Reflects On Sexuality in Music Video “SHE"
A cinematic and honest story of Jass Bianchi’s sexual exploration, “SHE” is the first music video released off of Bianchi’s “HER” album to drop September 12th, 2016.

The concept of the video is acceptance through vulnerability. “I believe that pride mainly occurs after enduring the early stages of confusion and vulnerability. Therefore, these early stages should be recognized and celebrated. They are a crucial part of the journey that leads us to be prideful” says Bianchi.

The video is entrancing with distinct visuals, whom become illuminated with splashes of bright colors towards its conclusion. Though the video is not for conservative eyes, “SHE” is a well written story and the video guarantees to challenge the path of our predecessors, while breaking the grounds of traditional hip-hop. When asked about the content of the video, Bianchi replied, “I created this video three years back when I was doing some dark soul searching and have debated putting it out, due to its rawness. However, art is art and every light has seen its shadow.”

Yes, this video is vulnerable and raw, however we hope it will support our viewers who are going through hardships and bring some comfort to them, proving that shall you travel through tunnels, there is a light ahead.

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