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Reggaeton Singer Lapili Releases Feminist Anthem “Dirty Diabla”



Lapili brings you the feminist anthem “Dirty Diabla” to protest against men’s complicity in violence towards women. The new Reggaeton hit reveals the bond between women and their struggles, while also promoting self-respect, acceptance, and empowerment.

Moreover, through lyrics, she raises awareness about the archetype of women who are marginalized and demonized by their own society for not being good mothers or wives.

Please take time to watch the entire music video. It’s great to see how she displays a rebellious attitude and different costumes designed by herself.

Obviously, the Latin rhythm will make you stomp your feet and sway in your seat as well.

feminist anthem
This uplifting feminist anthem was produced in Spain by Tunin Slow and perfectly mastered by Mike Kalajian, a Grammy-nominated sound engineer.

Broadly speaking, Lapili encourages all ladies to live their lives away from impositions and stupid patriarchal rules. Indeed, most of her tracks revolve around the conquest of feminism.

Explore her catalog on Spotify for more addictive jams. Last year, she dropped “Independent Gyal and it’s as dope as “Dirty Diabla.”

But don’t take my words for granted, go search for evidence… At the moment, she shows no signs of stopping, and that’s because she loves what she does.



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