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Relive The 80s With Anne Reburn’s Cover Of “Touch In The Night”



The recent music video from Anne Reburn is nothing short of fantastic. She pays tribute to the iconic band Silent Circle with an 80s cover of their hit song “Touch In the Night.

From the moment this clip begins, you’ll be transported back in time with Anne Reburn’s electrifying energy. Undoubtedly, the neon aesthetics and the top-notch choreography are stunning too.

Plus, the fashion and styling choices are spot on, and it all comes together to create something special.

80s cover
But let’s not forget the singing, Anne Reburn’s voice is definitely her best asset in my opinion. On the other hand, you won’t be disappointed if you’re looking to get your dose of nostalgia.

Besides that, the sound is otherworldly accompanied by a touch of contemporary Electro-Pop.

Resonating with audiences of all generations, this version of “Touch In The Night” is astronomically epic, and it deserves way more attention. By the way, the rising artist is currently based in Los Angeles and has become popular on YouTube due to her exceptional covers.

So don’t miss out on this great opportunity to relive the 80s, check out her channel today for more remarkable renditions…



By Erick Ycaza

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