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Why Listening To RichViola’s Electronic Music Make Us Feel Happy?



Perhaps you didn’t know science asserts that music and happiness are linked. Likewise, your brain will release dopamine when you listen to RichViola‘s “Kaylie”. First of all, its a chiptune composition with sweet as candy 8-bit sounds. Therefore, what’s giving you this amazing pleasure is without a doubt its chilled out melodic nature. Somehow, it makes me think he produced this short piece with a Nintendo’s Game Boy.

However, above all this, the authentic artist wants to send a message of happiness through his art, encouraging people to smile and appreciate being alive. Its feel-good energy goes hand in hand with the inspirational story behind this track. According to RichViola, “Kaylie” is a child with a special dream. In her own life she had a fourth-grade teacher who changed the way she thought and treated people. Consequently, this event marked her life positively, and I believe this works as a sort of tribute to teachers who act as role models too.



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