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SALADIN Talks His Free Bass House Music On SoundCloud + More



SALADIN Talks His Free Bass House Music On SoundCloud + More

Chicago’s Ghetto Rockstar, SALADIN surprises fans with free Bass House music on his SoundCloud page. Lately, luck has been on his side, topping the charts on Beatport and launching many singles on multiple labels. This new decade will be no exception as this authentic producer shows no signs of slowing down. Read our exclusive interview right here!

1 – Thanks for your time, what can we expect from SALADIN in 2020?

Last year was a major success with releases on Revealed Recordings, Tommy Boy Records, Phunk Junk Records, Sirup, and Dirty Dutch to name a few. This year you can expect more bangers coming out of my studio and more tour dates.

2 – When you hear your new tracks “Flame” and “Fuck The Beat Up”, what is the first thing that pops into your head?

Nasty Grimy Music, but in a good way.

3 – How much different or similar are both tracks?

The tracks are pretty similar due to my certain style I have when producing music. I think the fans that follow me will notice.

4 – Why did you decide to give them away as a free download on SoundCloud?

I wanted to give something away to my fans. So many of them have spent money buying my music or buying tickets to my shows. I did this to thank everyone for always being supportive.

5 – Should music be downloaded freely from the Internet? What do you think of the morality of this?

Illegally, hell NO! If the artists are offering them as a free download, then that is fine. A lot of people don’t realize the amount of time and money we put into our music. Plus, I truly hate when people rip music online then play those tracks at gigs. It sounds like shit over the sound system.

6 – What’s your favorite BPM when producing music?

126 BPM.

7 – In your opinion, what’s the biggest misconception about Bass House?

A lot of people call it cheesy or stereotypical EDM. I mean it has some of those elements but it’s still got that true House vibe.

8 – Do you recommend Lost Lands and Spring Awakening for festival-goers?

If you are really into Dubstep, then go to Lost Lands. If you want more of a variety go to Spring Awakening. SAMF is my favorite festival. Being from Chicago, I love seeing React book so many local artists to play the event. So amazing.

9 – How would you rate your experience as a DJ over these festivals?

It was so amazing to see people out there in the crowd getting into the music I was playing. It’s like I was telling a story and they were there listening to my narrate.

10 – Lastly, what’s your best piece of advice for new producers?

Do NOT give up. Giving up is the #1 reason for failure. Don’t let others dictate you either. You do what is you. Create your own style and flare.



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