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Sally Shapiro Returns With New Song And Reveals ‘Sad Cities’ Tracklist



“Down This Road” by Sally Shapiro and Highway Superstar is a new song you must hear all weekend long. The Swedish singer perfectionist will comfort anyone thanks to her dreamy melodies and ethereal vocals straight away.

The charming and lovable single is taken from the album ‘Sad Cities, out on February 18th, 2022.

Moreover, Sally’s upcoming 11-track record features some interesting collaborations. See the tracklist below.

1. Forget About You
2. Believe In Me
3. Down This Road (Feat. Highway Superstar)
4. Sad City
5. Dulcinea
6. Falling Clouds
7. Love In Slow Motion (Feat. Electric Youth)
8. Million Ways
9. Tell Me How (Feat. Tommy ’86)
10. Christmas Escape
11. Fading Away

Sally Shapiro

Additionally, the deep lyrics of “Down This Road” sound heartfelt and almost heartbroken. She shares feelings of uncertainty and confusion about her own destiny, which you can easily relate to.

Naturally, the visuals directed and animated by Orion elevate the whole composition from good to great.

Just in time for the album release next month, splendid chill-out vibes and Sally Shapiro’s singing voice provide you a clue of what’s soon to come.

Perhaps, there’ll be more romantic ballads that reach the very depth of your heart like “Forget About You or introspective stuff.

In any case, 80s-like synths and sexy sax solos are components that will never be lacking.

Can’t wait for this material to arrive…



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