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The Day Has Arrived! SAYMYNAME’s ‘DYNASTY’ EP Is Finally Here!



After teasing fans with “INSANE” and “POWER, SAYMYNAME returns to Ultra with the full release of his highly anticipated ‘DYNASTY’ EP. Coined as the godfather of Hard Trap, SAYMYNAME continues to unabashedly dominate the genre while exploring new sonic terrain throughout DYNASTY’s entirety.

SAYMYNAME’s mastery of sound is on full display as he deftly switches from haunting chord progressions to slaughterous trap beatdowns. Infused with undeniable energy, each track on ‘DYNASTY’ explodes with sweeping 808s and pulsating soundscapes. As layers of animated synths whir and basslines pound, SAYMYNAME pays homage to his signature trap sound with “INSANE,” “POWER,” and “RUN IT UP” while flipping the script with a hypnotic splash of House fusion in “LIGHTERS UP.”

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“I’m so hyped to finally release my EP “Dynasty”. There’s 4 tracks that are all different versions of SAYMYNAME. It was great to have Softest Hard & Edison Cole featured on two tracks as well.” – SAYMYNAME

In its entirety, ‘DYNASTY’ is an impressive showcase of SAYMYNAME’s artistic versatility. Paying incredible attention to even the smallest details, SAYMYNAME and his iconic sound design continue to reign supreme across the dance music empire.



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