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Science Reveals The Sexiest Dance Moves!



Finally, science has found a worthwhile use for evolutionary biology. As everyone knows, dancing ability is one of the most important ways of attracting a mate – but which dance moves are the most likely to catch the eye of the female of the species? Does the Melbourne Shuffle lead to bedroom scuffles? Will fist-pumping get ladies’ hearts thumping? Fortunately, a team of scientists from the UK’s Northumbria University devised an experiment to identify the “the characteristics of attractive dance”.
The scientists had a group of 30 men dance to a drum beat and recorded their shape-throwing with sophisticated cameras. They then animated each dancer as a gender-neutral avatar and played the dancing avatars to women, who rated the dancers. 
This is what a bad dancer looks like, according to the study:
And here’s an example of a sexy dancer:

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