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SeeEyeGee Amazes Listeners With This Housey Banger Titled “Crash”



is best known for his multiple bangers that have topped the electronic music charts on Digital DJ Pool. Hailing from Bellingham, Washington, his passion for political sciences and IT does not prevent him from being a prolific producer. While his style extends in directions far beyond housey vibes, “Crash” is all about fast-paced basslines strictly for the dancefloor. Here he knows how to quicken the intensity with energetic beats and soul-infused vocals.

At certain points during the sound design process of his tunes, he admits to experimenting with DnB, Trap, and Hip-Hop elements. Proving that versatility is perfect in order to break the mold in this competitive industry. What at first started as a recreational activity as a DJ for underground events soon turned into a career. Today, SeeEyeGee’s music encapsulates the creative influence of Eric B. & Rakim, Diplo, Skrillex, and Timbaland just to mention a few. With over 30K listens in 5 weeks across all platforms, you won’t want to miss his upcoming jams. Since dreams and dedication are a powerful combination, the artist aspires to play at festivals and make people dance all night long in the near future. Surely enough, his kids and grandkids will be proud of him.

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