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setstill’s ‘transcriptions’ Album Will Make You Feel Like You’re Tripping



Indie songwriter and producer setstill takes you on a trippy sonic journey via his latest album, ‘transcriptions. All these haunting tracks have a vintage psych-rock touch, distilling stories about personal thoughts, experiences, and feelings.

Generally speaking, he creates the best soundscapes for chilling on the sofa.

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, the artist shares his own distinctive sensibility in combination with dreamy vocals and great acoustics. Just let the mind empty while melodies flow into your head in order to enter a mild hypnotic state for nearly 40 minutes.

Don’t think twice, hit the play button if you dare…

Besides, you’ll get the full experience, from relieving tension to nodding like a pigeon back and forth to the beat. On the other hand, setstill aims to have a lot of transparency.

Having said this, he brings you into his consciousness through intimate silky tunes with a unique aesthetic. Even though I also tend to see a few similarities between his work and the early stuff of Coldplay, which is admirable.

Paying attention to the rhythm or sound design, you can tell setstill embraces an experimental approach to his production. In such a way, ‘transcriptions’ serves as a cosmic bliss for the ears.

“wide eyes,” “vulnerable,” plus “alive & well” are some favorites so far.




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