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5 EDM Songs That Will Get You Grooving



EDM songs

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Electronic dance music (EDM) has come a long way from underground party scenes to emerging into a respected genre in contemporary musical style. Its origins were influenced by early Chicago House music and electro synths in the late 90s, made possible by advancing software technology.

In the past two decades, its popularity increased exponentially as it branched out into various electro subgenres and moved from raves, clubs, and to the masses at enormous music festivals. Its current repertoire boasts successful tracks and remixes from the world’s top DJs. These singles were created to keep your body moving and inspire good times with friends and fellow partygoers.

Here are five EDM songs that’ll get you grooving:

1. Daft Punk – One More Time

At the turn of the century, the French electronic music duo released what would become a defining song and hallmark of the EDM genre. Their classic hit single ‘One More Time’ was the lead song from their second album ‘Discovery,’ which cemented them as a worldwide musical powerhouse.

Its pulsating electro beats pay an ode to earlier music influences as it contains elements of funk and early pop. The innovative use of autotune was groundbreaking at the time; it helped pave the way for the development and evolution of different types of EDM later on. Give this song a listen when you’re in the mood for a timeless and nostalgic dance tune.

2. Avicii – Wake Me Up

By the early 2010s, EDM had matured into its own music industry-recognized genre. DJs were gaining the same prestige as mainstream music acts and headlining festivals around the world.

The late Swedish DJ Avicii and his phenomenal hit single ‘Wake Me Up’ was released in 2013, which helped push modern EDM forward. Described as the summer anthem of the era, it takes its influence from folk, electronica, soul, and country music.
You’ll love the blend of musician Aloe Blacc’s smooth vocals crooning over the country-inspired guitar strums before the transition of a melodic chorus gets your body grooving.

3. Martin Garrix – Animals

As EDM continued to gain popularity to become a mainstream genre in its own right, it started a subcultural youth movement. Many teenagers started experimenting with music production and making their own beats. One such artist was Dutch DJ Martin Garrix who was only 17 at the time he released Animals.

The rebellious club anthem instrumental follows the musical styling of the EDM subgenre Big Room House. It’s characterized by a long buildup followed by a quick drop and infectious kick drums as the hook. It’s the kind of dynamic song that could entice anyone onto a dance floor to let loose and wave their hands in the air in enjoyment.

4. Major Lazer And DJ Snake ft. MO – Lean On

Popular dance-music group Major Lazer teamed up with French DJ Snake and Danish Singer MO to create ‘Lean On.’ It became one of the best-selling songs of 2015 and one of the most streamed songs of all time worldwide. This EDM heavyweight has since become a classic among fans and a crossover genre hit for more electro-pop listeners.

Eclectic producer Diplo helped construct the song by taking inspiration from electronic and moombahton dance music. This genre is a combination of the EDM subgenre of reggaeton and House music originating in the Caribbean and Latin America. It also includes a rave music-style synthesizer as a chorus hook. The result is a smooth and slower jam that still refuses to let you rest from your grooving.

5. The Chainsmokers – Don’t Let Me Down

By the mid-to-late 2010s, this production duo was finally America’s entry into EDM hit music genre that had since been dominated by European acts. Their explosive smash single ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ earned them a Grammy win for Best Dance Recording and a top-five hit single on the US Billboard chart.

The female vocalist-driven song gets its power from singer Daya’s emotional booming voice and it’s now famous third drop before the ending chorus. This is a combination of gritty synth cords and electric guitar manifested into a sonically satisfying song that you’ll want to sing along to and dance to.


EDM is a versatile broad spectrum of music comprised of at least four subgenres that are then still divided into other categories. This has made its sound and style influential across the musical landscape. Since its growth in the late 90s, it has produced pop culture classics and made superstars of its DJ creators.

There’s a nearly endless amount of EDM songs you can listen to and get your groove on. They’re featured on curated streaming playlists and as singles on individual artist albums. You can continue to add to your list of favorite EDM songs by simply exploring, and you’ll be sure to find some dance-worthy gems.

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