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Sexy Female Rappers La Zowi & Mariah Angeliq Drop “Duro”



La Zowi and Mariah Angeliq are sexy female rappers with amazing voices! They have teamed up for “Duro, a new Reggaeton track that incorporates Latin sounds and talks about non-reciprocal love.

Fiery Rhymes in “Duro”

Undoubtedly, this new song feels like a short story delving into heartbreak. In particular, “Duro” brings some fiery rhymes that call out the coldness and lack of time from the person who’s supposed to love you.

What’s more, as creative elements, the lyrics also reflect everyday situations where your lover practically shows little interest in the relationship. Add to that the dynamic voices of two sexy female rappers like La Zowi and Mariah Angeliq, a killer combo!

sexy female rappers

Temperature-Raising Music Video

The music video, directed by Paula Casanovas, is gonna crank up the temperature in your room when you watch it. Aside from that, I gotta say, it’s awesome how her behind-the-scenes vision translates the toxic relationship this composition talks about through visuals.

If you’re really diggin’ this clip, I also recommend checking out La Zowi’s video from 2021, “Sin Modales. It’s got a more humorous vibe, but still keeps that touch of sensuality that’s become characteristic of almost all her artistic projects. Trust me, it’s worth a watch!

Essential Reggaeton Playlist Addition

Of course, this great collaboration deserves a solid 100/100 score. Definitely, “Duro” is a must-have on any Reggaeton playlist, perfect for a boat party or a house celebration.

No matter what, the whole purpose of this music genre is to blast it through your speakers and shake your booty! That’s exactly what Reggaeton is all about, having a phenomenal time, whether you’re solo or with a crew, you feel me?

By the way, La Zowi was born in France, but she’s been living in Spain for most of her life. On the other hand, Mariah Angeliq was born in Miami, Florida, and ever since she became an artist, she’s been all about connecting with her Latin roots through Reggaeton.



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