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Songs About Addiction: Luchi Pours Emotion Into “Fix This Love”



There are numerous songs about addiction but “Fix This Love” by Luchi stands out with its deeply touching lyrics. Addiction is an illness that afflicts not just the individual but also entire families as well. In this emotional tune, the Scottish singer-songwriter reveals the agony of watching a loved one struggling with this complex condition.

Using the piano and the guitar, Luchi will transport you straight into the grief, fear, and frustration that surrounded him during a personal experience with such a heartbreaking scenario. Not to mention, right from the opening notes, you can feel the raw vulnerability in his splendid voice.

Moreover, his tender but aching delivery lays out the rollercoaster of emotions, suggesting a desperate wish to aid without a clear solution. Certainly, you get the sense that pouring these intimate feelings into melody and lyrics was cathartic yet distressing for the artist.

songs about addiction

What resonates with listeners is the message of compassion behind this authentic composition. Besides, his stunning and soul-stirring execution helps you gain a clear understanding of those benevolent spirits who are a driving force for those on the path to recovery.

The reason why this piece is one of the best songs about addiction is because Luchi has created an anthem of kindness and humanity. Plus, his vivid metaphors show the flip side of the coin that other composers have not dared to address.

In addition, I would dare to say that “Fix This Love” also has the power to initiate important conversations and dismantle stigmas, which are much needed these days.



By Erick Ycaza

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