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South African Music Producer UMngomezulu Discusses New EP



South African music producer

Get to know South African music producer UMngomezulu in this interesting interview. ‘The Moonlight’ EP is a magical material for those of you who enjoy experiencing the underground side of House music. He gives you all details on this project from start to end.

1 – Where did the idea for ‘The Moonlight’ EP come from?

The Moonlight idea came from my daughter’s name “uNyezi” in isiZulu it simply means the moonlight.

2 – Do you believe the moon affects our everyday lives?

Yes, I believe the moon affects our daily lives especially since I grew up in rural areas and the moon helped us to navigate through the night. There are places with no electricity which gives one a true fulfillment of life and makes one appreciate the creation of the universe.

3 – How does the Zulu culture influence the music you make?

It simply influences my music in many ways starting with the fact that I use my original Zulu clan name “UMngomezulu” which makes one wonder what is my music all about. I produce emotional instrumental music and in our Zulu culture we are a people of music and dance so basically, my music has been influenced by different Zulu musical genres from Maskandi and uMbhaqanga.

4 – How easy is it to translate emotions across electronic music textures?

It’s not really easy it requires a lot of practice every day but I also believe that life experiences and production skills work in hand.

5 – What inspires you to produce instrumental tunes than the ones with vocals?

Instrumental tunes are easy when starting off and what really inspires me is that the deep/organic Melodic House genre took me off guard when I really wasn’t expecting it. Of course, I am working on vocal tunes, it’s just that the vocals must blend very well with what I am producing.

UMngomezulu The Moonlight EP
6 – Less is more. Do you agree with this philosophy?

Yes, I fully agree because it showcases strength and confidence.

7 – Your arrangements on ‘The Moonlight’ are quite deep and organic. Is there any special technique behind these sounds?

Yes, if you listen carefully it’s just a simple chord arrangement but what gives it more interest is the lead sounds including automation. I use a lot of leads/arpeggiated sounds.

8 – Is this material intended for clubs or parties?

Yes, it’s intended for Clubs/Parties and House Music fans.

9 – Which track is your favorite? Why?

“Deep Under The Surface Of The Earth” is my favorite because it has been rejected quite a few times by labels until I had to feature it on the EP and the response is quite overwhelming.

10 – Are there like-minded musicians who play electronic music in your hometown?

Yeah, it’s quite a few underground DJs not very well known.



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