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If You Like Spanish Party Songs Listen To Phantom Boy’s “Te Quiero (Remix)”



spanish party songs
You will never have a sad day when you hear Phantom Boy‘s Spanish party songs. Full of perky melody, his recent remix of “Te Quiero” is designed for the dancefloor. The artist had planned to make a tour in Latin America this year but due to the pandemic, it wasn’t possible. Nevertheless, he is rescheduling the concerts for June and August of 2021. Definitely, his loyal fans from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru won’t want to miss his great performances.

The Grammy-award singer and producer dubbed as the ‘Latin Justin Timberlake’ combine EDM, Mambo, and urban Pop elements on “Te Quiero (Remix)”. When it comes to what is considered to be potentially energetic and catchy, his tracks are always a good benchmark. With hips of hits as a former member of Fantasmas del Caribe, Phantom Boy isn’t lagging behind. On the contrary, nowadays he’s at the cutting-edge of music especially with outstanding remakes of his classics. Some of his previous collaborations on b-side projects include big names of the Latin music industry like Luis Damon, MDO, Ley Alejandro, George Lamon, Song By Four, Alondra, Karolina Con K, Grupo Aleo, Alex Leon, Grupo Masisso, and many more…



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