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Split Kick Reveals The Driving Force Behind The New Single “Fantasy”



Split Kick
Prepare to dive deep into the creative world of Split Kick as the Miami/Toronto-based duo leaves no detail unexplored in this exclusive interview. If you’re seeking more insights into their 80s-tinged single “Fantasy, scroll down and read carefully!

1 — What was the driving force behind the creation of your latest song, “Fantasy”?

To be honest, the beat for “Fantasy” was created on the fly in a few minutes last summer. The bass line just jumped out of the universe and the rest fell into place pretty quickly. We did however want to create a more DJ/club-focused song and “Fantasy” was the lovechild of that idea. Even the intro beat was designed to allow DJs to mix it in easily with other tracks!

2 — When it comes to the overall sound and style of “Fantasy,” how would you describe it?

 I would say “Fantasy” falls into a more classic House vibe but contains elements of the other musical styles we love like Disco, the 80s, and even Funk. The vibe we were going for was a minimalist club banger with a sensual side.

3 — How you were able to achieve the evocative, 80s-inspired synth sound that is present in the track?

Both of us use Reason to create our beats. There is an endless supply of amazing instruments to choose from. Using racks like the Monotone Bass synth and some Fairlight Synth emulators helped generate that 80s-inspired sound. Also, using 808 blips and percussion noises also added that classic flare.

4 — Is “Fantasy” the first time you’ve embraced the falsetto vocals in your music?

Falsetto has always been a part of Split Kick’s vibe. It has been featured on most of our tracks since we started making music. Tracks like “So In Love” and “Cupid” encapsulate that classic Split Kick falsetto perfectly. The more breathy, subtle style of falsetto in “Fantasy” is a new exploration though.

5 — Are you interested in exploring the visual aspect of “Fantasy” through a video clip? If so, how do you envision it?

A video clip would be a dream! If there are any creators who want to collaborate, hit us up! I envision a dark smoky warehouse/club with an eclectic crowd, lots of people just vibing to the song, getting sweaty, and losing themselves on the dancefloor. “Body likes to bounce, baby, makes me weak!” The location would have to be a unique spot with lots of strange artifacts and artwork on the walls. There is a spot in Toronto called OBJX I would love to use as the birthplace of a video.

6 — Did you come across any specific challenges that tested your creativity at the music studio?

There were no specific challenges in creating the track other than the most common issues; selecting layers, choosing sounds, etc. “Fantasy” was one of those songs that just made itself. The beat was created in an hour and the vocals took about 2 hours to nail down. Wanting to create a minimalist track made it a little easier as well as there was not too much of a desire to add a multitude of layers.

7 — It’s impressive how your music manages to appeal to both DJs and the dance floor, while also incorporating radio-friendly elements. Despite this, do you see your songs occupying a distinct space outside the mainstream realm?

I do think our songs have something unique to them that separates us from the mainstream electronic realm. This can be a gift and a curse depending on how you look at it. On the one hand, we can create whatever we want and feel confident that it sounds good, is unique, and brings something new to the table. However, mainstream media tends to support things that follow the Pop trends so it can be difficult to convince media people we have something relevant and engaging. I do truly believe that our songs belong on the radio with the big guns. It is just difficult to get them out there as an independent group.

8 — As a duo with diverse musical influences, how do you strike a balance between honoring your individual preferences and creating a cohesive musical identity for Split Kick?

We have always been an ego-free duo. We both have no problem telling each other if we hate something or love it. Also, because we both use the same DAW (Reason) we can each add our own layers to songs and feel confident we have included our own sprinklings of flavour! We both love making music so much and we appreciate each other’s styles so we usually have no problem coming to a consensus on releases.

9 — How do you transmit the energy and dynamism of your music to the stage? Can you share any memorable moments?

Split Kick has been a long-distance love affair for about 13 years. With Pete in Miami and myself (Andrew) in Toronto, it makes it really difficult to organize lives show. We performed several times in South Korea when we first got together in 2008 and have many memorable moments including a Halloween costumed show in Busan, SK, and another wild night out in Daegu, SK; however, beyond that we have never been able to perform live yet. It is something of a dream to gather up our musically talented friends to create a killer live show. Stay tuned!

10 — Looking ahead, what can fans expect from Split Kick in the next months?

We have 4 more songs coming out in the next few months which will complete our currently untitled EP. The next single “Venom” is another synth-heavy dance tune with some catchy vocal melodies. Outside of the EP, we have around 16 other tracks in various stages of completion that will be unleashed into the universe as soon as possible! Again… stay tuned for sure. Some really unique vibes are in the making.



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