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SPOZZ Empowers Artists & Fans In Music Platform Launch



, a revolutionary music platform built by artists, for artists and fans, has successfully launched at the BIME Music conference in Bogotá. SPOZZ is fundamentally changing the way artists connect with fans and monetize their music.

SPOZZ dismantles the current music streaming and distribution model, placing ownership and control directly in the hands of artists. Unlike industry giants, SPOZZ doesn’t own music rights. Artists keep complete control and distribute their music directly to fans, fostering a deeper connection and a fairer playing field.

“SPOZZ is more than just a platform; it’s a movement, says Christian Müller, one of the founders of SPOZZ. “We are committed to putting artists first, and to giving music value again. We are poised to overcome the Freemium Model by offering Music at much better conditions than current Streaming Providers.”

Through SPOZZ the monthly average number of streams consumed by a user will cost only 5 USD, which is only 40% of current streaming subscription prices. Despite this significant price reduction, artists will earn 3 times more from streaming and music sales as in the current model, thanks to direct distribution and upselling.

Using the platform, fans can get new Music directly from the artists before it is launched on other channels. Fans can interact directly in Artist Fan Communities and benefit from collecting, sharing, and investing in the music of their favorite artists.

Key Features of

Artist Empowerment: Artists maintain complete control over their music and distribute it directly to fans, eliminating intermediaries and ensuring fairer compensation.
Fair Play for All: Artists are paid immediately, at much higher rates. Fans enjoy music at a fraction of the cost of current streaming subscriptions.
Direct Fan-Engagement: Direct interaction with favorite musicians fosters deeper connections and allow artists to build thriving fan communities.
Collecting & Sharing: SPOZZ revives the collection and sharing of Music that was very popular before Spotify. Fans can discover new music based on personal taste, buy it, collect it, share it and even invest in it very easily.
Transparency: Utilizing secure and transparent peer-to-peer public ledger technology ensures trust and traceability and simplifies royalties payments.
Open to All: User-friendly interfaces cater to everyone, regardless of technical experience.
Ad-Free Environment: Enjoy music uninterrupted by intrusive ads.

Artist Community, Streaming App and Marketplace

SPOZZ has launched!

SPOZZ was launched at the UNSIN Miami Music Festival (On April 27) and BIME Bogota Music Conference (May 8-11) and since then has already attracted more than 1’200 independent artists, that have signed up to the platform.


SPOZZ is a revolutionary music platform built by artists, for artists and fans. The platform fosters a direct connection between creators and their audiences, empowering artists and offering unparalleled benefits to music lovers. With a focus on transparency, fair compensation, and a user-centric experience, SPOZZ is poised to reshape the music industry landscape.

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