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Veronica Largiu’s New Song Release Sounds Like A Chart-Topper



Veronica Largiu has done it again with her new song release, “Always Running Back To You,” which sounds like a chart-topper! This Dance-Pop jam is already generating buzz on the world wide web due to its infectious beats.

Without question, this single could easily dominate playlists too. On top of that, her powerful vocals shine through the irresistible rhythm produced by Bradon Grobler and Deltiimo.

new song release

Potential for Chart Success

Honestly, what makes this new song release special is that it has the potential to climb up the mainstream music charts really quickly. And this is due to several factors that music experts and critics will agree with me on.

Firstly, her vocal tone is powerful, almost like an opera singer, which makes it stand out with the electronic synthesizers. Additionally, she pours all her emotions and feelings into every word she sings.

On the other hand, “Always Running Back To You” is a great production that’s pleasing to the ear. The catchy hook in the chorus might be repetitive, but it’s not annoying, rather it’s something that catches the listeners’ attention.

And if you agree with me and dig this awesome tune, I kindly ask you to share it with all your friends.

Always Running Back To You

Plain Yet Strikingly Effective

The music video may seem simple at first glance, but you can still appreciate the effort put into bringing this fantastic song to life. From her makeup to her hairstyle, there are always talented artists behind every masterpiece, and this case is no exception.

It’s worth mentioning that it could easily fall into the category of EDM love songs, as the lyrics are like poetry. The Italian singer-songwriter passionately expresses memories that ignite the flame in her heart, showing just how significant that special person is in her life, making her head spin with desire.



By Erick Ycaza

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