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You Won’t Believe How Addictive Fortune Favor’s “Summertime” Is!



Crank up the summer vibes with the latest single by the American production duo, Fortune Favor. “Summertime” is an addictive track for dancing, chilling by the pool, or hitting the beach!

Funky Gem of French House

It’s inevitable to bob your head from side to side when you hear the funky nuances of this gem from French House. The groovy beats blend perfectly with the vocals, making it a banger for those upcoming sunny days.

Chances are this banger takes inspiration from Daft Punk’s dance hits. Either way, Fortune Favor delivers something danceable with a retro-futuristic style to the delight of their fans.

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Clearly, the old-school sound of Disco music is strong, but at the same time, electrifying synthesizers and drum machines! Of course, you don’t have to be a psychic to notice the meticulous craft behind these cool melodies.

Catchy Lyrics and Charm

Lines like “the beauty of your body is my paradise” or “you make me feel like summertime” are my favorite lyrics from this catchy tune. Singing it out loud and dedicating it to your loved one would work like a charm, even if there was a ballad version.

Regardless of whether your heart has been struck or not, any listener will enjoy “Summertime.” In short, it’s addictive as it awakens that feeling of euphoria and pleasure with just a play.

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Free Show Announcement

To celebrate the release of this new jam, Marcus and Will from Fortune Favor will be putting on a free show this Saturday, May 18th, at 2 PM in Washington DC. You can reserve your attendance at this link:

Without further ado, remember that “Summertime” is an opportunity to relax and recharge your energies, and what better way to do it than with excellent high-quality music.



By Erick Ycaza

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