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Bright Light Bright Light Collabs With Mykal Kilgore On “Heartslap”



This sick new jam, “Heartslap” by Bright Light Bright Light and Broadway star Mykal Kilgore has been on repeat in my headphones lately. By the way, the music video is a trip to a world that’s sexy, nerdy, and fabulous. It’s a whole vibe!

An Electrifying, Music Video Extravaganza

So, picture this: you’re transported to a neon-drenched, futuristic world from a video game. And both singers are living their best life, serving up an energetic performance in this clip that’s so over-the-top.

As a matter of fact, the visuals were directed by these LGBTQ+ artists alongside Tyler Milliron, whose creativity materialized through graphics and animated visual effects.

Bright Light Bright Light

Unmatched Synergy

Mykal Kilgore, who’s no stranger to the spotlight with his Grammy-nominated Broadway creds, was fully on board with this special collaboration. In fact, in addition to rapping and singing the lyrics with intensity, he also took charge of planning the music video’s aesthetic and contributing various ideas.

Needless to say, there’s some serious chemistry and unmatched synergy between them. Likewise, this hot jam called “Heartslap” is just a taste of the mind-blowing compositions on his brand new album, ‘Enjoy Youth, dropped today.

Stream in full via Spotify.

‘Enjoy Youth,’ The New Album

Overall, ‘Enjoy Youth’ is a mix of incredible Dance-Pop and Electro-Pop tracks, each with a deeper meaning. Basically, it’s an escape from the darkness and dystopia that every single person is facing in today’s society.

Furthermore, let’s not forget the exquisite collaborations with heavyweight singers like Ultra Naté, Sam Harper, Berri, and Beth Hirsch. You can tell they add that extra spice to this new album that’s totally worth a listen, no doubt!

Enjoy Youth album
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