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The 5 Best Electronic Instruments For Beginners



Electronic Instruments
In the modern world of music, there are seemingly endless varieties of instruments. Thanks to human ingenuity and advancements in technology, there are now many electronic versions of popular instruments. Read on to find out about the 5 best electronic instruments for beginners.

1. Electronic Drums

One of the most popular electronic versions of a common instrument is the electronic drum, also sometimes referred to as digital percussion or digital drums.

Electronic drums are very similar to traditional drums, especially in setup. They can be set almost identically to the common drum set or other drum configurations. A digital drum set is made up of several parts. The main component is the digital sound module, which is connected to one or several electric sensors that sense the pressure created by drumsticks or hands.

headphones for electronic drums
Electronic drum sets are becoming popular for various reasons. They can be hooked up to laptops and recording equipment so that the player can jam along without having a full band to accompany them. There are also options to muffle the sound of the drums, which can be helpful for late night practice sessions. These are just a couple reasons why electronic drums are quickly becoming a popular part of the drum community.

2. Electronic Keyboard

Electronic keyboards are another great electronic instrument to learn if you are a beginner. Anyone can play them; it just takes practice to be able to use them really well.

Keyboards are very similar to other keyed instruments such as pianos or organs. However, unlike a traditional piano, in which the keys are connected to strings that move a hammer to make the vibrations and sounds, the keyboard is engineered to make these sounds when the player presses down on the keys.

Keyboards are a great option because they are compact and can travel easily. On many models, electronic keyboards also include built-in tracks and pre-recorded sounds, so you can play around and create.

3. Electric Guitar

The electric guitar is an incredibly versatile electronic instrument. They are exactly the same as a normal acoustic guitar except for their typically skinnier neck and the fact that the middle of the body on an electric guitar is solid. In a traditional acoustic, the body is where the vibrations of the strings and the sound reverberates from. But with an electric, the guitar is hooked up to an amplifier, which produces a loud and powerful sound.

Electric guitars are great for playing in large spaces or in a large band of other musicians. Many people who are beginning to learn this instrument decide to purchase and learn on an electric guitar because that’s what they plan to use to perform.

4. Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Similar to the classic electric guitar and within the same family, there is also a group of instruments known as “acoustic-electric” guitars. Acoustic electric guitars are unique in the sense that they are kind of the combination of the traditional acoustic and the electric guitar. They have the open and hollowed out body that you would find as part of any regular acoustic guitar, but they are also equipped with a special microphone or magnetic pick up that allows the player to plug it into an amp and have an amplified sound.

This is a great option for those who want to produce a louder sound while still maintaining a lot of the beautiful tones that make an acoustic so special.

5. Bass Guitar

Last but not least, another great electronic instrument to learn is the electric bass guitar. The electric bass works in much the same way as the classic electric guitar. The bass is longer and larger, in order to produce its unique lower tones. The bass has four strings instead of the six on a regular guitar.

For this reason, many prefer it as a good beginning instrument because chords and progressions tend to be simpler.

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