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Here’s The Best EDM Track I’ve Heard This Summer!



Here's The Best EDM Track I've Heard This Summer!

Daim Vega & Fabian Franciscus just released their first joint track “Feel Alive” with an original and actually funny video clip. The vocals are more than excellent and the lyrics especially for a somewhat summer sound, are more than catchy. The intro is a bit low key, but this is just a trap to make the piano chords catch you by sweet surprise.

For me, it represents the best combination of a really good track made by producers who actually made time to create their own visuals. In the clip, a grandson decides to celebrate grandma’s birthday in full and team up to both score a juicy date in a nightclub.

In the club, they show off their strange but effective pickup skills. Which end in grand success for both. The video clip corresponds with the lyrics and tells the story of a granny who decides to “Feel Alive”, take life as it comes and gets the best out of it. Where her grandson enjoys his horse ride on the beach with his new date.

Granny does the same with her date, on a spring rider… And yes, it made me laugh out loud! Check it out here:


Facebook (Daim Vega)  | Facebook (Fabian Franciscus)

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