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The Best Music Of 2016 — Electro Wow



The Best Music Of 2016 — ELECTRO WOW
Electro Wow Music Awards 2016

These are the songs that I couldn’t stop playing this year. The selection was not easy at all because I had many hits in my mind. After an arduous process of checking sound quality and ratings, here you have the best music of 2016. I hope you enjoy this selection and congratulations to all the winners 🙂


Cirez D - In The Reds

Cirez D – In The Reds

Superstar Eric Prydz made the best Techno track of 2016 under his lesser-known Cirez D alias. The brutal “In The Reds’ lives up to its name with its hoovering bassline and slamming beat engineered for peak-time festival main stage madness!


Omair Mirza Interview 2016

OMAIR feat. Avari – Perfect Imperfection

Since making his Coldharbour debut in 2014, OMAIR has assembled an impressive portfolio of work, through both original and remix forms. Without a doubt, “Perfect Imperfection” became a new Vocal Trance classic this year. It’s also important to mention that Minneapolis songstress Avari did an excellent job with her magical voice…


Infinity Ink feat. Yasmin - How Do I Love You

Infinity Ink feat. Yasmin – How Do I Love You

“How Do I Love You” is apparently Infinity Ink take on the Queen Latifah track of the near-same name “How Do I Love Thee”; in the hands of Ali Love and Luca Cazal, it gets turned into a future-bass-synth-soul-ballad propelled by a gentle House bounce. It’s the beguiling vocals of rising UK singer-songwriter Yasmin that made this track a hit!


South Beach Recycling - Playing Daze

South Beach Recycling – Playing Daze

“Playing Daze”, a ten-minute trip into the high-tempo disco-funk-meets-boogie territory. Once again the Disco duo South Beach Recycling are the winners for the second consecutive year on my blog. They are experts in Diso-edits hits and of course in dancefloor bangers too.

 Deorro feat. Elvis Crespo - Bailar

Deorro feat. Elvis Crespo – Bailar

“Bailar” is a bombastic collaboration by rising Mexican-American DJ Deorro and Puerto Rican singer Elvis Crespo that fuses the best of both worlds: Electro House and Merengue. Get up and dance to the catchiest EDM anthem of 2016!


Niki & The Dove - So Much It Hurts

Niki & The Dove – So Much It Hurts

This is one of the most beautiful Electro-Pop songs I have ever heard in my life. Niki & The Dove remain in the realm of the pensive with their stunning, Prince-referencing new single “So Much It Hurts”, which keeps the tempo low but the melodies front and centre. An amazing emotive track with cool synths and great lyrics.

BEST ALBUMPet Shop Boys - Super

Pet Shop Boys – Super

13 studio albums, 55 singles, 2 B-Sides compilation albums, and 3 soundtrack albums on, Electro Pop pioneers Pet Shop Boys present yet another ambitious and experimental record in their illustrious discography. Driven by their vision to conquer every field in the landscape, ‘Super’ is the duo’s most electronic album to date and the best album of the year! Produced and mixed by Stuart Price in Los Angeles, the album was written in London and Berlin. The record features 12 new Pet Shop Boys compositions including the lead singles, “The Pop Kids” evoking the London club scene of the early ’90s, and “Twenty Something” which is my favorite one.


Boys Noize  – Overthrow

Video directed by LILINTERNET.

Boys Noize‘s “Overthrow” music video is an artistic and introspective look into societal outsiders and cultural anarchists. The video’s primary goal is to break down any preconceived stereotypes of these people. The personalities featured in the video are amazingly not actors and portrayed just as they are at the core of their being. I love the ending because it’s very funny 😀

By Erick Ycaza

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.