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The Health Benefits Of Boxing



The Health Benefits Of Boxing
Out of the clichés that boxing is a violent sport and for troubled people, the truth is that boxing is a physical activity that brings a lot of benefits to those who put it into practice.

Lose fear of boxing

If physical contact scares you, think that this sport, like many others, can be practiced with many levels of intensity. If for example, you start cycling, you are not going to climb a mountain pass on the first day of going out to pedal. The logical thing is to do things gradually.

The same logic must be applied in boxing. No one is going to ask you to get in a ring to give it all the first day of training.
There are many gyms where you train in a relaxed way, in others you only teach technique and there is no combat. Even in gyms where professionals train, there are different levels of intensity in combat.

Find a gym according to your pretensions and start practicing this sport without any kind of fear.
Below we list some of the physical and psychological benefits of the pugilistic practice.

Activation of the cardiovascular system

Boxing is a sport that involves a significant amount of best aerobic exercise. The movement is constantly present in any boxing training. Whenever aerobic exercise is done, the cardiovascular system is activated, favoring blood circulation and the functioning of the respiratory system, which strengthens the heart.

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Increased reflexes

Boxing requires being with all five senses in what is done during the entire training time. The attention must be greater if you are in the middle of a fight.

The fact of being alert at all times, for a long period of time, to avoid the touch of the rival, helps reduce the response time of the body to external stimuli, increasing reflections.

Losing the fear of physical contact

Boxing is a contact sport, and sooner or later you will receive a blow from your opponent. If practiced in a gym in which it is done smoothly, boxing can serve to lose the fear of physical facing, since it puts the body before a situation of physical confrontation and mental stress, but in a controlled manner.

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Respect among colleagues

It is perhaps the most beautiful and noble part of this sport. In professional boxing, you can check it. Normally before the fight, the opponents are rebelling and swaggering in the press statements, but think that this is part of the show.

As a rule, after a fight, and however touched both fighters have been, the opponents always congratulate each other and give a hug, showing the respect that they really have.

If you practice this sport, always keep this in mind. Encourage fellowship and put it into practice in the place and with the people you train with.


Professional boxing requires a significant dose of self-discipline in many aspects:
• Training schedule
• Class attendance
• Effort to do the exercises well
• Boxing equipment like perfect boxing shoes
• Follow a strict diet
• Respect rest periods
• Do not smoke or drink alcohol

Here is a video review on benefits of boxing.

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